The Ibbenbüren rugby pirates started their Regional league bit against Bochum Witten a team we have never played before but we hope to meet more often, From the kickoff both teams showed that they meant buisness with big hits and line breaks coming as often as one would expect from two teams in the Regional leagues, Bochum Witten opened the scoring with a penalty kick by Vivien Seelweger, Pirates 0 - 3 Bochum Witten, after 10 minutes, the Pirates immediatly hit back when, after a solid scrum, Rico Wall bust through the Bochum defence and touched down under the posts. David Creese kicked the conversion to give the Pirates a 7-3 lead after 12 minutes.

Aufgrund der fortgeschrittenen Uhrzeit, kann ich diese Zeilen heute nicht mehr übersetzen.

The Pirates have returned from the Lemgo 10's tournament with a 3rd place trophy, It was an eventfull day with highs and lows for the pirates.

The First game we played was against the hosts, TV Lemgo, there the pirates came away with their first ever win against Lemgo (Lippe Lions) with 34-0 unfortuntly Gaucho (Norman Ziwita) had to leave the field to go to hospital suffering a ripped ear

Pirate Facts

(Liga Spiele seit 2011) Win ratio 64% (20 G/12V)


Tries scored - 126 Top Scorer:

(2012/13)- David Creese (61), (2011/12)- Rico Wall, (85)

Das letzte Spiel der Verbandsliga Westfalen wurde am Sonntag zwischen dem 1 RC Bielefeld und den ISV Pirates ausgetragen. Die Pirates gewannen mit 42-26. Nun verlassen die Pirates als Champion die Verbandsliga Westfalen.

Spielplan der Piraten:

07.04.13 v (L) 1. RC Bielefeld, Cherusker Rugby Club Lothe (A)

21.04.13 v (L) Cherusker Lothe (A)



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