Aufgrund der fortgeschrittenen Uhrzeit, kann ich diese Zeilen heute nicht mehr übersetzen.

The Pirates have returned from the Lemgo 10's tournament with a 3rd place trophy, It was an eventfull day with highs and lows for the pirates.

The First game we played was against the hosts, TV Lemgo, there the pirates came away with their first ever win against Lemgo (Lippe Lions) with 34-0 unfortuntly Gaucho (Norman Ziwita) had to leave the field to go to hospital suffering a ripped ear

The second game was against our old friends 1 RC Bielefeld where we kept this seasons 100% unbeaten run by coming away with a 26-5 win unfortunatly we lost Chris Forman with a torn ligament (Aussenbandriss)

The third game was against Cherusker Lothe and the now exhausted pirates held well against a determined Lothe winning 36-0 this also included Gaucho coming back from the hospital, coming on the field and scoring all within 5 minutes

After a 1 hour break the pirates found themselves in the Semi-final up against the 29 Royal Artillary Regiment, this proved to be an extremely difficult challenge for the pirates, and, after some determined attacks the pirates could not break the defence of the semi-professional players on the British Army 29 reg winning 31-0

The pirates then played the 3rd place match, Weidenbrück had beaten Lemgo, so we was up against Lemgo for the second time. Now both teams having players loaned to them (D. Beddow-Lot, and G.Dakin -Biel for the pirates) fought a hard game, but the skill and power of the pirates came through, once again defeating Lemgo 24-7.

Ian Creese commented that he was very proud of his boys and that the pirates had come a long way in such a short time.

Lemgo 10's result

1. Wiedenbrück
2. 29 Royal Artillary Regiment
3. ISV Rugby Pirates
4. TV Lemgo (Lippe) Lions
5. University of Göttingen
6. 1 RC Bielefeld
7. The Queens Royal Hussars
8. Cherusker Lothe.

Come and join us next Saturday foe ISV Pirates v RCO Harlequins

Player of the tournament : Norman "Gaucho" Ziwita


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