The pirates suffered a major defeat at home to Münster, the visitors winning a staggering 80:0 with a massive 12 try haul.

At the start of the game both the pirates and Münster showed some good tackling and attacking plays, the pirates managed to hold Münster up at the line after 3 minutes but it was not long before Münster powered their way over the try line in the 13th minute from 5m, a good conversion put Münster up 7:0, 5 minutes later in the 18 minute Münster found their way over the try line once again after a pirate mistake in the ruck, another conversion made it 14:0, The visitors then scored within 2 minutes and the game turned into a one sided match Münster crossing yet again with a good conversion Pirates 0:21 Münster after 20 minutes

The pirates then broke out and attacked getting within 5m from the try line, but a knock on gave Münster a scrum to which they cleared their lines, the pace of the Münster backs showed as they picked up from the loose ball and crossed over unchallenged, a missed conversion made it 26:0 at 29 mins.

It seemed no matter what the pirates did Münster always had the upper hand, and it was showing in the lineouts as Münster made good use of the pirates misfiring lineouts, getting the possession and then the territory, and after 32mins Münster crossed the try line yet again, with a conversion making it 33:0.

It was then the pirates who came on the attack coming yet again within a metre of the line with excelent running from Rico Wall and Colin Brett the ball coming to Max De hesselle who just got his fingers to it and dropping the ball, a rare mistake from Münster saw the pirates with a Scrum in Münster territory yet again coming within reach of the line, a quick penalty by Simon Finke missed his hands and Münster had the opportunity to clear their lines, pushing the pirates all the way back to their 22m line refferee Anthony Piper blew for a penelty in the 40th minute to which the pirates put the ball out for half time. Score 33:0 to Münster.

Stand in Captain Ian Creese and vice captain Gray Cocking had a hard job to rally the players with Münster out of sight at half time.

The second half kicked off and it was Münster who scored straight away with a conversion score at 41 minutes Pirates 0:40 Munster, the pirates rout continued as Münster cleared their territory with a medium ranged punt, sending Phillip Rumbelow back and Full back Dirk Winkler forward, both looking up, the result a collision and pick up try and conversion from Münster put the visitors 47:0 ahead on 50 minutes.

Some defensive work from the pirates managed to slow the rampent Münster down keeping them in the Scrum for 10 minutes, but Münster showing thier talent managed to yet again break through for the try that seemed to break the pirates morale pirates 0 :52 Münster after 60 minutes.

On the 63rd minute the pirates now breaking in will and energy conceeded another try to the visiting Münster whose dominance was now total, the conversion put the score at 59:0.

*Reporters note - it was at this time around the 67th minute I was taken off with a neck injury so I can only say when Münster scored due to Benedikt's notes

In the 68th minute Münsters class outshined the pirates yet again as they crossed over for their 3rd try in 8 minutes the conversion putting Münster compleatly out of sight with 66:0, 5 minutes later Münster scored at 73 minutes with conversion to put the game at 73:0 and also in the last minute (79) Münster finished off the devestated pirates and the conversion ending the game at 80:0 to Münster to keep them 2nd in the league.

Report- Phillip Rumbelow Notes by - Benedikt Koose



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