Pirates battle to 19:12 win in Ibbenbüren

The Ibbenbüren rugby pirates, achieved their first Regional liga win today with a hard fought 19:12 win against the visitors from RFC Dortmund with David Creese injured the job of scrum half went to Phillip Deters making his debut, the team also saw the return to Chris Forman in action

The match started slow as both teams probbed each others defence for weaknesses the pirates showed a lot of determination but a few knock on's and mistakes held the pirates back. A scrum in the 5th minute saw Florian Duesing on the floor with what appeared to be a slight head injury, however there was no serious injury to the young prop from Hopsten and he continued to play.

in the 8th minute the pirates came within 5m of the Dortmund try line and onlya knock on prevented the pirates from scoring, play swung back to the pirates half where in the 10th minute Dortmund had a 5m scrum, good ripping work from the pirates led the ball to be cleared from the pirates line.

In the 19th minute the pirates got on the scoreboard with Rico Wall seizing the opportunity of open play to sidestep his way over the Dortmund try line, Phillip Deters kicking the conversion meant the pirates led 7-0 after 20 minutes.

a short while later a good passage of play from Chris Forman, and Felix Plumpe got the ball out to Max De Hesselle the pirate winger though dropping the ball within 5 metres of the try line, however there was an injury to a Dortmund player and play stopped for 2 minutes

on the 38th minute some good pressure from the pirates payed off when Steve Shirley scored a try almost identical to the one he scored last week, using his strength the big No8 from Stoke-on-trent now living in Wissingen plowed his way over, Deters conversion
sailed to the left and half time was blown by referee Andy Fairhurst, Half time score -Pirates 12:0 Dortmund

In the second half it was Dortmund who dominated spending 15 minutes in the pirates half trying to cross the line, some good pirates defense kept Dortmund at bay for most of the half with Phillip Rumbelow and Rico Wall stopping Dortmund with a try saving tackle, Dortmund then had a try disallowed for a double movement, but was playing advantage.

Dortmunds efforts payed off on the 66th minute as they crossed over for a try, the conversion was a miss so the pirates led 12:5 after 68 minutes, as Dortmund was trying to get back into the game Rico Wall came through again with a breakway try in the 76th minute Deters coversion meant that the pirates led 19:5 with 4 minutes to go.

Dortmund although seeing the game as lost did not give up and fought on to the end putting the pirates under pressure and scoring the last try of the game on the 79th minute, a successfull conversion saw the end result at 19:12 for the pirates and the pirates first win in the Regional league and moves us up to 5th.

Join us next week as the Pirates take on the defending champions RT Münster at the ISV 05.10.13.

Report - Phillip Rumbelow
Noted by - David Creese and Benedikt Koose